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BreederCelect cat litter testimonials

Don't take our word for it. Here are testimonials from owners, breeders, vets and boarding facilities.


Testimonials from cat breeders and catteries

  • "I have been using BreederCelect cat litter, and it is the best litter I have ever used, plus it is environmentally friendly. I have been using paper litters for a very long time now, first of all Yesterdays News, then Biocatolet which is OK but tracks a lot.  When Breeder Celect was launched I gave it a go and really liked it, it is far superior to the other two and have used it ever since. I recommended it to a friend she is a breeder and runs a boarding cattery she thought it was great as well."
    J B Purranza, Burmese & Devon Rex Breeder, UK
  • "Well as predicted this has gone down a storm with our cattery and new kitten owners."
    N. Butler, Cattery & Breeder, UK
  • "I have tried it in my cattery, and have been very impressed by its performance.  I particularly liked the fact that it leaves very little mess and is very good on absorbency and odour control."
    C. Crowhurst, Cattery, UK
  • "Marvellous – really like it! We have 12 cats of our own using a mixture of litters mostly wood based. We have a cattery and our normal intake of litter is 500 30litre bags a year.
    We used the litter you sent us on some of our indoor cats and were very impressed. Principally we liked the non tracking, absorbency and easy cleaning. Also the lightness of it was a definite bonus when moving dirty litter to the bins! I did have worries mostly around the colour – we have white cats so I was worried!  No problem, I noticed no discolouration at all."
    N.F-R, Cattery & Breeder, UK
  • "I do like the paper litter, I have a big place with lots of land so I can compost all but the solids which are good, but if it had to go in the dustbin then at least it is relatively light-weight. Out of interest I also tried "Yesterdays News" & "Fresh News", but yours has smaller and I think more absorbent pellets so I do prefer yours."
    Diane, Norfolk, Cattery, UK
  • "I am very pleased with the results of the test. Both the cats and kittens used the litter without any problems. It is nice and soft for the delicate feet of kittens... there are no chemicals or additives in your product. This means I can safely use the litter without worry. It is one of the few "lightweight" litters on the market that is actually lightweight. It is so easy to clean up and dispose of and also I noticed there is less tracking with this litter. I have used other pellet litter that had a coating, yours however does not and is so much better and more absorbent. I would definately give it ten out of ten and I will recommend it friends and to my kittens new owners."
    J.E., Cat Breeder, UK
  • "Initially I tried the litter (BreederCelect) in the stud house on the basis that if it reduces smells anywhere that would be a good place to start and I have found it very good. Have now tried it in the inside trays. Clearly one of the main benefits is the weight and if it is more economical to use that will be great."
    Gail. M, Cat Breeder, UK
  • "After trying many brands of conventional litters we came across your brand which was a relatively cheap alternative. We have found it to be the best of all other litters we tried. There is less mess, no odour.. .the best feature is the absence of odours which was quite bad in all other litters."
    S.Richardson, Cat Breeder, UK
  • "I found Breeder Celect a very good litter. It kept the smell down better than other recycled paper products and didn't end up all over the house. "
    P. Connerton, Cat Breeder, UK
  • "I have tried most litters on the market some are far too heavy and difficult to dispose of. One thing they do all have in common some worse than others is the way they tread.  Some litters also disburse into tiny little pieces have you any idea of the mess and work as a cat breeder of 17 years, I do !! I am very happy to say that BreederCelect cat litter has cut down a lot of my hard work. It stays in its original form and does not go in tiny little pieces where it would then be spread all over the place by the cats paws. With six adult cats and a litter of seven kittens this litter does save me an awful lot of work because it doesn't tread like other litters. I have ordered and received four 30 L bags obviously I am very pleased with the litter and have already added it to the diet sheet for the new owners of my present litter when they go to their new homes."
    L. Hoal, Cat Breeder, UK
  • "Must say I'm impressed. I previously used wood pellets but find they break down too much which then leaves a trail from the litter tray.  I haven't found this with the Breeder Celect which is a major bonus!! I also like the fact that it can be put in the compost heap or used as mulch. I've also chucked some on the coal fire, so saves filling the refuse bin with it."
    C. Forbes, Cat Breeder, UK
  • "We trialled this in our cattery and we were very impressed. We liked the absorbency, the fact that it was dust free and did not break up, it was also very low in odour. We compost our litter and this product seems to be fine."
    C. Ruse, Cattery, UK
  • "Your product has been a great cat litter for me. I've tried just about everything there is and it is still the litter I prefer and, most importantly, the one cats prefer. It lasts longer than any other pelleted litter I've tried and does a great job at controlling odour."
    V. Smith, Cat Breeder, USA
  • "...I've been using BreederCelect for about 5 days now & the first thing which I noticed, or rather my nose noticed is no odour! In the past I used kiln dried pine pellets & the max I could hold out before changing it was 2 days. Thus I was shocked that after 5 days there's still no odours."
    D. Goh, Cat Breeder, Singapore
  • "We have tried many different types of litters over the years until about 3 years ago when we were first introduced to BreederCelect. No more mushroom clouds of dust, no beach to vacuum up every day, no 'glue' for clumping, no sawdust, no silicon beads rolling all over the floor, no leftover inks to change the color of your cat, no additives or undisclosed ingredients and it's environmentally friendly!"
    K. Crouch, Cat Breeder, USA

Testimonials from veterinarians

  • "We have received a great response from our clients using BreederCelect at home following boarding or hospitalization at our office. Also, odors in our kennel and hospital ward are greatly reduced when BreederCelect is used. Thank you for introducing us to your product!"
    Dr Crossland, Veterinarian, USA
  • "The litter is great! I hope to build a good business with it."
    S. Benda-Perry, Veterinarian, USA

Testimonials from cat owners

  • "I was given a sample several weeks ago and it is brilliant and will certainly change from the grey clay type."
    C. Smith, Cat Owner, UK
  • "I am very impressed with the product. Not only is it very absorbent and odour free but there is also little spillage."
    J. Clark, Cat Owner, UK
  • "I currently have a litter of four kittens, I tried your product immediately and I am very impressed."
    T. Turnbull, Cat Owner, Australia
  • "After using BreederCelect for a week, I noticed how clean the laundry room area around the litter box was. There was absolutely no odor in any area of the house. I also love emptying it into the box with none of the usual dust and settling. I tried several other supposedly similar recycled paper products, but was never completely satisfied..."
    C. Deane, Cat Owner, USA
  • "I have tried many brands over the years but this is the only one that I consider suitable. It has many advantages, the most important, of course, is that it is composed of recycled newspaper. It is clean, it does not adhere to the cat's paws as most others do. There is practically no odour."
    E. Gray, Cat Owner, Australia
  • "As an asthmatic, I was always looking for a litter that my cats liked and also allowed me to breathe...BreederCelect is the first product that has met that requirement. I have been using BreederCelect now for four years — my cats are happy and so am I!"
    N. Parkinson, Cat Owner, USA
  • "Soft on paws, recycled paper, doesn't have a harsh smell. Suitable for cats with asthma or breathing problems as there's no ashy cloud like most litters... My cat loves this, he seems to prefer it to all the other brands. He seems to enjoy scratching in it. The cat I had before him loved it too, it was the only one that didn't cause him to cough (he had asthma)."
    chellekat, Cat Owner, Australia
  • "Pros: Does not clump horribly like clay litters. Good odour control. Recycled product
    Cons: I have no complaints - it does what it is meant to.
    Overall: We had two cats who were quite finicky about where they put their poop, and this was the only brand where they would actually use it. I think it must have felt nice under their feet. Most crystal type litters are so sharp and it even looks like glass - no wonder our cats would not use it! Overall good product and value for money."
    otogirl79, Cat Owner, Australia
  • "Pros: The litter and packaging are both made from recycled and natural materials. The litter is effective at providing good odour control and is economical.
    Overall: We were recommended this product by a very enthusiastic stranger in the supermarket and they were correct. It is reasonably priced yet very effective at doing 'the business'. It is especially good at containing odours... We have stuck with this brand for years and have had no regrets at all. I would definitely recommend this product to others.
    Lucy_Lou, Cat Owner, Australia
  • "Pros: Absolutely brilliant!
    Cons: Nothing.
    Overall: I was amazed from the word go when I discovered this product. I have always kept cats and over the years have tried numerous types of cat litter. Most of them I found to be messy and smelt worse than the cats business! Also some of them were so harsh and granular I was concerned they might hurt my cats bottoms.This litter is eco-friendly which is a big plus to me - I always try to use products that are made from recycled materials and this is so good that after kitty has ised it it can be put on your garden beds to make a wonderful mulch.It just doesn't smell at all and you wouldn't know it was in my house.I like the variety of sizes too."
    Rospat, Cat Owner, Australia
  • "Pros: I have always used this product...leaves the rest for dead.
    Cons: nothing
    Overall: Thankyou for the new handle on the large bags and also the easy tear opening.....it helps so much when you have arthritis."
    kymmy66, Cat Owner, Australia

Testimonial from boarding facility

  • "We use BreederCelect Pet Litter at Stay'n'Play Pet Ranch because it is supportive of our mission to provide a safe, pet and environmentally-friendly boarding facility. BreederCelect is a clean, safe litter (and sometime bedding) for use with our boarding cats, rabbits and other small animals. Because we don't know the history of our boarding guests' allergies or illnesses, it's important to have something non-offensive to any special need such as no perfumes or other restricted ingredients. It doesn't hide anything abnormal in a bowel movement such as blood or loose stool, which other litters can hide. It's extremely important to us to know quickly if one of our guests is not well, for their sake as well as the other guests. BreederCelect is also less messy to clean up. We've used BreederCelect for three years. It simply meets all of our needs."
    C. Biggs & B. Gale, Pet Ranch Operators, USA